Re Carlo dipinse nel giardino de ’La Foce’

11 September 2022

La nipote di Iris Origo, Katia, ricorda la visita del reale d’Inghilterra a metà anni ’80. «Il pranzo, poi tratteggiò la vista con i cipressi»…

Travel + Leisure - One of Italy's Best-kept Secrets

22 August 2022

Hidden deep in the Tuscan countryside, La Foce is the former home of acclaimed biographer Iris Origo. Today, visitors can rent private houses on the expansive estate - which they may recognize from Succession

Under the Tuscan sun

07 February 2022

In contrast with the arid landscape of the Val d'Orcia, the exuberant gardens created by Cecil Pinsent for the writer Iris Origo at La Foce, Tuscany, Italy, are all the more astonishing, finds Charles Quest-Ritson.

Visit the wilder side of Tuscany — without the crowds

07 February 2022

I have had many clients like the Roy family. Their money is discreet; they don’t want it out there for all to see. So when I was first…


Goop - Giardino La Foce

26 November 2018

This was once the home of Iris Origo, author of War in the Val d’Orcia (required reading if you’re going to spend any real time in the valley).


The New York Times - Eyewitness to Fascism

09 October 2018

Iris Origo's early life sounds like something out of a Henry James novel. Her father, Bayard Cutting, who came from an extremely wealthy American family, traveled the globe in search of relief from...


TDN - Heaven on Hallowed Ground

02 September 2018

In 1944, 18 years before I was born, Iris Origo saved my life. In the literal sense, what she really did was to make my life possible…

The New Yorker - Not a moment too soon: Iris Origo's war diary

01 September 2018

It’s almost impossible to imagine a better time to read “A Chill in the Air: An Italian War Diary, 1939–1940,” by Iris Origo, which is being published this week by New York Review Books…

London Review of Book

04 March 2018

This latest reprint of lris Origo's The Merchant of Prato celebrates it as a 'modem classic', though it can't have seemed very modem when it first ap­peared in 1957…

TLS - A need to testify

22 January 2018

Iris Origo died in 1988, aged eighty-five. Almost thirty years later, Pushkin Press are printing a hitherto unpublished diary, together with a selection of her other Italian books, some no longer i...

Ville e Giardini - Tra campi e crete

01 December 2017

Villa La Foce nel 2017 si è aggiudicata, meritatamente, il Premio di Parco privato più bello d’Italia, titolo che premia sia la sua bellezza originaria sia la cura con cui questa è stata, ed è, pre...

The Daily Telegraph - Plain tales from the Tuscan hills

28 October 2017

Honest-eyed. Very blue-eyed. She's clean and picks her feet up; was Virginia Woolf's enigmatic verdict on Iris Origo when they met in the mid-Thirties. What did she mean? Origo was then a clever and elegant, if somewhat aloof, young woman, the daughter of a wealthy American and his aristocratic Anglo-Irish wife...