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Villa Origo

  • Price

    Upon request. Please contact Benedetta Isidori at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Stay

    Minimum 3 nights

  • Persons

    24 persons

  • Size

    700 sqm

  • Swimming pool



Villa La Foce is an Italian Historic House and its gardens are world-famous. It is available for rent either by the week or for events such as weddings and family celebrations, and is also available as a filming location.

La Foce was originally built at the end of the XVth century as a wayside tavern, but soon became the centre of a vast estate owned by the great Sienese Hospital and Monastery of Santa Maria della Scala.

Owing to wars and pestilence, the estate – and indeed all the valley of the Orcia (Val d'Orcia) – ran into extreme poverty and was mainly abandoned, until in 1924 it was bought by Antonio and Iris Origo, who turned it into their comfortable home. From here they farmed and developed the land, bringing prosperity and social progress to the farmers. The Villa is connected to the Fattoria, from where the agricultural estate is still run.

The house is built on three levels, following the lie of the hill, and is surrounded by the now famous gardens created by Iris Origo and the English architect Cecil Pinsent – a 'labour of love' lasting many years. Parts of the garden are open to the public on certain days (strictly guided tours – see below), though the garden by the house and the pool remain private. The interior is full of old-world charm, not showy, but with beautiful antique furniture, comfortable beds, and lots of lovely rooms which offer both  privacy and opportunities for family gatherings. There is free wi-fi throughout the house.

Three gardeners look after the premises, including the swimming pool opposite the 'limonaia' (orangerie). Guests relax in the shade of roses and wisteria, lulled by the sound of water from the fountain nearby.

  • Guest capacity is 24 people
  • All bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms
  • Air-conditioning throughout the Villa

The house is extremely child-friendly, as Benedetta's family includes 4 children, now all married, and ten grandchildren, all of whom come to La Foce with enthusiasm.


The villa consists in:

  • 9 double bedrooms with en-suite bathroom
  • 3 twin bedrooms with en-suite bathroom
  • 1 guest bathroom off the entrance hall

There is a delightful library with fireplace and sofas, a central frescoed and balconied dining room for very special evenings, a second dining room closer to the kitchen (accessible only by La Foce staff), a breakfast room with double glass doors facing the private 'fountain' garden, and a study. An ample music room and living room, with fireplace and many comfortable sofas and armchairs, offers great opportunities for entertaining friends and family gatherings.

The main kitchen is accessible only to La Foce staff. Guests can use the two kitchenettes (one on each floor) equipped with electric kettle, induction cooker, microwave oven and fridge. Tea, Nescafé and tisanes are provided.

All rooms and bedrooms have stunning views over the garden and valley.

Swimming pool

12 x 4 m. Adjoining the pool, next to the Limonaia, there is a bathroom with shower and WC.


The gardens are completely at the disposal of La Foce guests. On Sundays, Thursdays, certain holidays and Wednesday afternoons, parts of the gardens are open to the public (this is a requisite for many Heritage houses and gardens in Italy), though visitors are not free to wander, but taken on strictly guided tours. The fountain garden near the house, as well as the Limonaia and swimming pool, are private and not open to the public.

House facilities

Wireless internet access. Two satellite TVs. Stereo. Books everywhere, and our postcards in every bedroom. Piano in the music room. Fully air-conditioned.

Daily breakfast and cleaning are included in rent.

Laundry service is available upon request, as well as extra meals prepared by our staff.

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Villa Origo


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La Foce
Strada della Vittoria, 61
53042 Chianciano Terme
(Siena) - Italia

Latitudine: 43° 1’ 27.78” N
Longitudine: 11° 46’ 46.2” E


Dimore storiche italiane

Azienda Agraria La Foce di Benedetta Origo - P.I. e C.F. 00607790524
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